Posted by: seanslastwish | February 11, 2009

Early Parole denied today for Stephen Andrew Moller

Columbia, South Carolina

This morning the South Carolina Parole Board denied early parole for Stephen Andrew Moller’s.  He will now serve the remainder of his sentence until July 07, 2009.  After Moller is released he will be on probations for three years.

Elke and her family would like to thank all of you as well as the media that have worked so hard to bring this issue to light.  Your help has some brought justice to Sean’s memory.  

Thank you to all who attended the Vigil for Justice last night

Here is Elke’s speech from last night. elke-kennedys-speech-vigil-021020091

Thank you to all who sent letters to the parole board on our behalf. You made the difference!!


  1. Sadly, not nearly enough justice. 3+3 when there so obviously was intent is a disgrace. The State of South Carolina should be ashamed of itself. I hope my phone call to the parole board helped you all out some. Hard to believe that they are giving this terrorist a couple months off for earning his GED. Maybe now that he is a little more educated, he has changed his tune. I doubt it, but we can always hope.

  2. This is a small but important milestone for the Kennedy Family. I extend my admiration, love, and commitment to actively assisting in your efforts. This is not over.

    We MUST have Hate Crime Protection for All Citizens

    We MUST have Violent Crime Protection for All Citizens

    We MUST have a 2nd Degree Murder Classification as a deterrent to murder, as an appropriate punishment for Murderers, and as justice for the families of victims.

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  4. Elke, I found Sean’s website by accident. I saw the link elsewhere and remembered where I had heard about Sean – Lynne, my daughter-in-law, was married to my son, Todd. Lynne told me immediately when Sean was murdered and I know that you have both shared the depth of great loss together.

    I am so glad to see this loving and wonderful tribute to Sean. The hate has gone on for much too long. I have personally experienced the dislike and rejection of others because I am a lesbian. I also experienced it from my own son for many years. I am deeply grateful that we got beyond that before I lost him.

    I assure you, I understand the your sorrow on losing your son. I don’t know of any worse pain. I hope that you are feeling the love and support of the GLBT community that surrounds you and the love of your fellow PFLAG people.

    I hope to meet you some day when I come to visit Lynne and the grave of my son. If you will, think of me this month. March 26th would have been Todd’s 45th birthday…I last spoke to him on his 42nd birthday as I drove away from his home after a lovely celebration with he and Lynne. In five weeks he was gone.

    May God’s blessings be yours,


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