Posted by: seanslastwish | April 29, 2009

Letter to J. Gresham Barrett – Congressman SC

Congressman Barrett,
After listening to your comments on Tuesday night on C-Span about your view on the Hate crime legislation before you,you are way out off line and misinformed and biased.In your position as a Congressman for the state of SC your job is to assure protection and equal treatment for ALL citizens.
I would like the opportunity to sit down with you personally so you can explain to me why my son Sean Kennedy’s murderer only has to serve 12 month and 2 weeks for his crime? (This happened May 16th 2007 in Greenville County).Where is the justice?
I have been speaking out about equal rights for all the last two years and will also be in Anderson, Greenwood, etc to speak out about this injustice, the lack of equal protection as well as bias motivated crimes.
On Friday I will be in Washington. I take your stand on this issue as a personal attack against me and my family, because my son was a human being.
I know that during the case many of you “called the Greenville county solicitors t see how the case was going to be handled. Why?
This is my second attempt to contact you.
Here is my contact information (again):
Elke Kennedy
7 Brandywine court
Greenville, SC 29615
I look forward for you to finally answer my questions.
I am not going away without answers.
A concerned mother

“No mother should ever have to bury her child; No mother should have to lose her child to hate and violence and No mother should ever have to fight for justice for her child!
Elke Kennedy


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