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June Newsletter from Sean’s Last Wish

Sean’s Last Wish Newsletter – June 2009

We have wonderful news this month! A generous offer has been made to match every dollar donated to Sean’s Last Wish between now and September 1st ! Now, more than ever, every contribution can make a huge difference as the foundation continues to touch hearts and lives.

Elke and Jim continue to work on behalf of everyone who is interested in bringing attention to the ever increasing need for hate crime legislation, as well as education on bullying, violence, hatred and religious bigotry. The foundation seeks to offer alternatives to young people to avoid senseless crimes like Sean’s murder. We ask that you consider your financial support as Sean’s Last Wish works to support our common goals

Elke and Jim were on the road most of April with a visit to Albany, NY to attend a premier of the movie ‘Fagbug’ produced by Erin Davies. The premier was followed by a question and answer session. The questions were quite pointed and hearts were touched. Elke also spoke at Siena College in Albany with Erin Davies.

While in New York City, Elke met with Cindi Creager from GLAAD. There was in depth discussion as to the best way to keep hate crime awareness in the public eye. There will be ongoing dialogue with a number of organizations in New York with the ultimate goal of Sean’s Last Wish partnering with other organizations. It is in working together that we will maximize our effectiveness.

Elke also met with the Anti Violence Project in New York City. They offer a crisis hotline for the LGBT community. The foundation will explore the feasibility of working with other organizations in South Carolina in partnering with the Anti Violence project.

Elke and Jim next had a productive series of meetings in Washington, DC with members of the Human Rights Campaign, including Joe Solmonese. These meetings lasted a full week, culminating in Clergy Call, an ecumenical gathering of representatives from 48 states. Elke and Jim represented the state of South Carolina. Clergy Call was then followed by Lobby Day on Capitol Hill, during which Elke and Jim also represented the state of South Carolina. We believe there will be future partnering opportunities with the Human Rights Campaign.

During the week there were a number of meetings with South Carolina legislators or their representatives, including Senator DeMint and Lindsay Graham’s office. Even though their views on hate crime legislation differ from our own, a heart is disposed to change when a mind is opened by respectful dialogue.

In Washington, Elke and Jim also met with the PFLAG National Headquarters to discuss how to foster more effective chapters in South Carolina.

Elke will speak to the Charlotte Business Guild Tuesday evening, June 16th.

Sean’s Last Wish will have a booth at Pride Charlotte July 25th. Elke will be one of the featured speakers.

Again, we ask you to partner with us as the foundation looks ahead to new campaigns such as ‘Break The Silence’. More information on this outreach will be coming soon.

It is in working together that we make our own contribution towards breaking the silence. One of the ways you can help is in partnering with Sean’s Last Wish by offering your financial support as Elke and the foundation continue the work each of us knows is so vital.

Please take a moment to consider at what level you maybe able to support the foundation. Every donation helps, no matter how large or small. You can make your pledge or donation at the Sean’s Last Wish website. Remember, each donation until September 1st will be matched dollar for dollar.

Always feel welcome to contact Elke for any information or to offer your volunteer support. May we continue to work as one in the cause we know is so vital.

Thanks so much,

Elke Kennedy
Sean’s Last Wish


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