Posted by: seanslastwish | June 14, 2010

Two Marines arrestted in Savannah Georgia after attacking and beating a gay man

June 13th 2010
Contact: Elke Kennedy
Sean’s Last Wish

Two marines were arrested in Savannah Georgia after assaulting gay man

Greenville, SC – Today, in the early morning hours a gay am was attacked and beaten until he was unconscious in Savannah Georgia by two marines who are stationed at the Marine Corp Air Station in Beaufort, South Carolina.

The victim required CPR twice before getting to the hospital. The two marines were charged with a misdemeanor – assault and battery an released to the military.
It makes you wonder what state of mind these two marines have,how the feel about gays in the military and the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (DADT).
Our military personnel is trained to defend our country and all of its citizien without bias.
These two marines used their training to beat an innocent young man unconscious. So how can this only be a misdemeanor charge when deadly weapons/force was used?

As the mother of a gay man who was murdered in 2007 because he was gay, I am outraged at he charge!
This must be thoroughly investigated without bias and the FBI needs to investigate this alleged hate crime.

Georgia is one of the five states that don’t have hate crime protection laws. However, there is now federal hate crime law in place that allows the FBI to come in and assist this alleged hate crime based on sexual orientation a without bias.


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